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By 10 Luglio 2020WWW

Journeys in Italian wine

A never-ending journey

Rolling vineyards in the Langhe

Learning about Italian wine is a never-ending quest. You think you are quite knowledgeable and then you discover there is so much to learn. It’s like wandering around an infinite maze with so many twists and turns and enticing new branches to explore, you head down one and, look, there’s another beckoning you in a different direction. New flavours, unusual varieties, traditional styles and a myriad of DOCGs, DOCs and IGTs. Or is it more like Alice stuck in a room full of intriguing doors, indecisive about which to head through. Or is it more akin to opening a sort of Pandora’s box and letting out all of these threads which needs to be pursued, an unquenchable thirst for greater knowledge and experience. Whatever it is, it’s now got its hook firmly in me.

I delight in exploring the new, the unusual, the rediscovered and the reinvented anywhere in this boot-shaped country with its mountains, volcanoes, lakes, plains, islands and extensive coastline. Perhaps I can take some of you along on some of my travels through the Italian wine glass.

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Sue Tolson is a wine enthusiast, writer, translator, judge and trainer based in Budapest. I offer translation, editing and writing services relating to wine. Managing Editor of WineSofa, member of the Circle of Wine Writers, holder of the WSET diploma, Weinakademiker, Vinitaly Italian Wine Ambassador and Expert and Judge at the International Wine Challenge, Berliner Wine Challenge and Vinitaly’s FiveStarWines. Passionate about Hungarian and Italian wine, but the whole world is her oyster ….

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