Wandering through the vineyards & wineries of Elba Island

Elba is the main island of the Tuscan Archipelago which regroups also

Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo, Giglio and Giannutri, other beautiful havens of the Tyrrenian sea.


Divided between sea and mountains, Elba is a little paradise for its beauty, natural surroundings, rich gastronomy, and also for the unexpected wine tours. This diversity is found on the other islands of the Archipelago as well. Wine has been produced for centuries from vines that grow in the middle of the rocks that take in the sun, salt, and minerals from the wind, creating a wine or richness full of history and culture.   Nowadays, wine production has returned to interesting levels thanks to the small wineries that are enhancing those territories, and whose products at every sip, evoke the sensation of the sea. Sapid whites, dessert wines to die for, and shocking reds. On the island, they cultivate typical grapes of the Tuscan Archipelago such as Ansonica, Vermentino, Moscato, and Tuscan vines like Sangiovese and Trebbiano (on Elba called Procanico), vines that over the centuries have adapted themselves best to the island environment. The jewel in the crown is the dessert wine, Aleatico is undoubtedly the ambassador.


You can follow itineraries that lead you through the wineries, enjoying spectacular views and discovering unknown corners of the island. In the Eastern part of the island, the one that takes you from Rio Marina to Porto Azzurro, Montefico, Arrighi and Sapereta wine-producers are all ready to welcome wine lovers with real, personalised experiences in the vineyard and in the wine cellars. A little further south, in the heart of the mining Park of Punta Calamita, in the midst of beautiful natural bays and coves, you find the winery of Tenuta delle Ripalte, included in the Trail of Tuscan Wineries Wine Architecture for its modern design. Continuing towards Portoferraio, you travel alongside the vineyards of Acquabona, Montefabbrello, Valle di Lazzaro and La Chiusa until you reach the sea.


These wineries offer wine enthusiasts not only the sea, but also walks and outdoor sports along scenic routes and gourmet stops in local restaurants. You can go on a wine tour in any season of the year. It continues in the west with more local flavours. At the Cecilia winery in Campo nell’Elba, the visit start with the run down of the most recent production and wine-making methods, ending with the tasting of all the farm’s products in the wine cellar. This is the island of iron and tranquility, in the heart of the uncontaminated National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, a place of almost heroic wine making from the impervious terraces sloping down to the sea, a destination to be discovered both for wine lovers and for professionals in the food and wine sector from every corner of the world. A place of undisputed attraction where the tastes of the cuisine enhanced by the bouquet of the wines tell a thousand years of gourmet history from the Etruscans to Napoleon, from miners to fisher men, bringing us back to the present day.



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