WSET in ITALY and the role Alumni Body in the WORLD – Corriere Vinicolo, wine magazine in Italy

Article by “Il Corriere vinicolo” on WSET.

An interesting overview on the WSET courses and schools in Italy. A focus on the community of Alumni, featuring a triple interview to take a look at the progress, quality and outcomes of WSET Diploma throughout the decades.

The network of the WSET Alumni Body is a source of support for students andĀ graduates to stay updated and build professional relationships as they go on to define the future of the industry.

My best regards to all the participants, Ian Harris, Steve Kim, Flavio Grassi
Interviewed: Rosemary George, Jennie Mack, Tatiana Mann
Article written in Italian



Flavio Grassi – Accademia del vino


Jennie Mack – AWSEC

Rosemary George – Tastelanguedoc

Tatiana Mann – Wine judge

Stevie Kim – Italian wine Academy

Ian Harris – WSET Chief Executive














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